Science plays a key role in the conservation of threatened species. Development of new methods for monitoring populations of threatened species helps improve conservation. Recently, progress in the field of genetics has led to new methods that can be used to detect and monitor threatened species in the wild. This method is known as Environmental DNA or eDNA.

We have developed an eDNA test to detect Gouldian finch eDNA in waterholes. This method may help to monitor habitat and resource use in relation to environmental events and disturbances, leading to better conservation practices. This website is designed to help you learn more about eDNA and how it can be used to help protect threatened species like the Gouldian finch.

What is environmental DNA?

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What are Gouldian finches?

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eDNA for the Gouldian finch

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Good & bad conditions for eDNA

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eDNA Game

Play this game to test your knowledge on Gouldian finch eDNA


This project was supported through funding from the Australian Government's National Environmental Science Program


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